Signs of drug addiction

Drug addiction can cause a variety of effects on the human body ranging from short- to long-term symptoms.

The effects of drug addiction are mild, moderate, or chronic depending on how frequently the individual practices their addiction. When you notice the signs that come with addiction, it becomes easier to take steps to find help.

Physical signs

Getting addicted to drugs comes with some obvious signs that people around can easily identify.

For instance, a person addicted to drugs is likely to have a reddened face or skin. Similarly, they might have patches on the skin because they are not taking good care of themselves.

Also, the person might lack coordination. This means their brains and bodies will not be in agreement when making some decisions.

Again, they might struggle with appetite loss, weight gain or weight loss, fainting, nausea, and sometimes coma.

Other signs could include an increase in temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. The individual could also be violent or aggressive which shows that the effects of the drugs have heightened their behaviors.

Mental signs

Drug addiction can also cause some mental effects in humans. For instance, it can cause drowsiness, dizziness, an increase in anxiety, memory loss, restlessness, irritability, etc. These effects are associated with different drugs.

So, it is likely for most drugs to share the same effects. There are also longer-term mental effects like chronic anxiety, depression, hallucinations, delusions, mood swings, insomnia, confusion, and other mental health problems.

Social signs

Drug addiction also affects a person socially. It might cause a change in how they perceive their relationships with other people. Drug addiction can make a person more secretive and isolated.

They will not want anyone in their corner so that they don’t get discovered. Additionally, they are likely to be more aggressive and unloving, which can make some of their relationships strained.

When an individual discovers some of these signs, they need to consider going for treatment at a reputable health facility. This would help reduce or eliminate some of the signs/effects that come with addiction

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