Entering a professional drug and alcohol treatment program means that, you will commence a journey through series of stages of rehab recovery.

This is possible because you will inculcate a sober and clean way of life.

In this piece, we will be describing four phases of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. They are initiation of treatment, prompt abstinence, maintaining abstinence and enhanced recovery.

Initiation of treatment: The process of seeking help from a professional substance rehab program is the first phase of recovery, and this is what treatment initiation involves.

During this phase, you will have mixed feelings about your addiction. You will also think that your addiction problem is not as bad as you think.

Individuals who are addicted to alcohol and drugs need a counselor at this phase, so that they can make the right decision as regards their addiction.

Prompt abstinence: The moment you have made a decision to refrain from addiction, then you need to avoid taking them at all cost.

This stage is particularly difficult because you would be doing something that is alien to you. Some therapists would tell you that this is the hardest stage for a recovering addict.

There are several withdrawal symptoms that will be experienced at this stage. Also, this is the phase where detoxification takes place.

During this phase, the addiction counselor or therapist will teach how to have a sober lifestyle.

Maintaining Abstinence: From avoiding these substances, this is the phase where you learn how to avoid warning signs.

Also, you will know the steps that can cause a relapse. In addition to this, you will use the tools imbibed in the prompt abstinence stage, to continue living a sober life.

In this phase as well, you will also learn fresh coping skills and tools that will help you live an addiction-free lifestyle, have healthy relationships and a host of others.

  • Enhanced Recovery: After a couple of months or years, you will get to this stage which is also known as advanced recovery. At this phase, you will use the entire skills and tools you have learnt all through the previous phases, to live a healthy lifestyle.

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