Alcohol is a very addictive substance that has many people hooked on it. When it comes to the addiction process, there is always an effect on the person.

If an alcohol addict does not break free from addiction, there is a tendency for death to be the end-result. There are various adverse effects that are associated with addiction, and not everyone is aware of this.

When you take alcohol, there is this pleasurable feeling attached to it.

So even though some of these addicts are aware of the consequences, all they are after is fulfilling their desire. There are various effects of alcohol on the human body.

To start with, it affects the Liver in various ways. It causes the following diseases on the Liver: Fibrosis, alcoholic hepatitis, inflammation, cirrhosis.

The immune system of an individual is also affected, and this implies that chances of contracting diseases is high.

Also, someone who is addicted to alcohol will have his or her heart at risk. The person could experience stroke.

Moreso, high blood pressure could set in, and this can become more risky over time. Women who are pregnant are advised not to take alcohol because of the effect it has on the foetus.

Hence, women who are addicted to alcohol are advised to work closely with therapists all through their pregnancy period.  

It is possible for an alcohol addict to defeat addiction. However, the individual has to firstly accept the fact that he or she is addicted to alcohol.

This is best done under the provision of an addiction counselor. After this, the counselor would need to carry out a detailed assessment and evaluation of the individual.

This assessment plan is necessary in structuring a treatment plan for the addict. This is what the therapists would use to decide if the person will fully go into rehab or not.

An alcohol addict needs to promptly seek treatment before it gets too late. If they want to have normal lives, then it is important that they break free from addiction.

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