Many people are addicted to drugs, and there are a good number of reasons for this. One of such reason is hinged on their environment.

There is a likely chance of an individual getting addicted if he or she is around people who take drugs regularly.

This is very likely because they will encourage the person to take drugs and feel the exciting effect which comes with it.

So, people in this situation who do not want to be left out, will begin with a little dose. Overtime, they will increase the intake and become addicted in the process.

Some people take drugs because they want to revive their energy levels, and this is based on false beliefs.

It would interest you to know that, some of these drugs are not hard drugs, they are the typical drugs prescribed by health practitioners.

Opiates for example, are drugs that are needed to reduce the intensity of an injury. However, some people have bastardized its usage, and they have become addicted to it.

Someone who is addicted to drugs would most likely exhibit signs of not being responsible. They would neglect necessary duties at home, school and a host of others.

People who are addicted to drugs will find it difficult to keep relationships. They would lose friends and loved ones because of their addiction.

Also, people who are addicted to drugs are likely to face financial issues. This is because they will spend money on purchasing drugs without giving heed to more important things.

Some of them are also aware of the fact that, there are adverse consequences attached to this, but they do not care. Satisfying their pleasure is all they care about.

Drug addicts cannot stop the way they take drugs. Some of them usually make a resolution to stop taking drugs for a while, but they end up relapsing.

Within the period, there are some unpleasant consequences that follow the stoppage of drugs.

These unpleasant consequences are known as withdrawal symptoms, and they fade off once the addict relapses.

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