Alcohol addiction is one of the most common forms of addiction alongside drug addiction. People who are addicted to alcohol usually start off abusing alcohol before they become full-blown addicts.

Individuals who are addicted to alcohol most likely started taking alcohol at a tender age, so before they became adults, they became fully addicted to it.

For others, they had people around them who indulged in alcohol abuse, so it was easy to influence them to join. Similarly, some people had peers who took alcohol regularly, and not joining portrayed them as not being exposed.

People who are addicted to alcohol find it uneasy to get rid of their addiction. This is why a good number of them usually fall back into relapse, even after making a decision to refrain from addiction.

There are some alcohol addicts that add some substances to their drinks, so that they can have an increased effect.

Some people did not become addicted to alcohol by choice in the first place.

For some of these people, they lead stressful lives, and based on ill-advice, the only way they could deal with stress was to take alcohol. Hence, they would rather abuse alcohol than exercise.

One of the most proficient ways that alcohol addicts can use to help themselves is to opt for rehab treatment. It is best for an addict to specifically opt for Residential addiction rehab.

There are two types of residential rehab: Outpatient and Inpatient rehab. For the outpatient rehab, the individual would be given a schedule for receiving treatment.

The schedule would be based on the severity of the addiction. So it could be just once a week, or 3-4 times a week.

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